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Breaking News: Police Arrest ‘killers’ Of The Young Soldier

The Ghana Police Service has made an announcement that suspects in connection to the alleged murder of Trooper Imoro Sherrif, a 21-year-old soldier, have been apprehended. The soldier was reportedly killed by individuals suspected to be robbers on March 4, 2023, in Taifa Ashiaman.

According to the police, after a week of sustained intelligence-led operations, the key suspects involved in the murder of Imoro Sherrif have been arrested. The police shared the news on their social media platforms, adding that they would provide further details soon.

Following the killing of the young soldier in Ashaiman, the military carried out an invasion of the area with the aim of arresting the suspects involved in the crime. However, many residents were subjected to prolonged brutalization and torture for simply being residents of the area. The marauding soldiers picked up 184 suspects, but some were later released.

While some individuals justify the actions of the police, many others have roundly condemned their actions.

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