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Full Details Of How IGP Dampare Led Intelligence Team In Arresting Killers Of Slain Soldier

It has been revealed that the Inspector General of Police, George Akuffo Dampare, personally participated in the intelligence work that led to the arrest of the suspects who killed soldier Imoro Sheriff.

Sources say that the IGP joined the operation in Ashaiman to follow leads that eventually led to the arrest of the suspects on March 4, 2023. The police announced the arrest of the key suspects involved in the murder of Imoro Sherrif on social media on the same day.


On March 4, 2023, Imoro Sheriff was murdered in the Ashaiman township. In response, dozens of military officers carried out a swoop in Ashaiman on March 7, leading to the arrest of 184 people and the seizure of suspected illegal drugs.


Videos shared on social media showed officers subjecting some of the residents to severe beatings.

The Ghana Armed Forces admitted authorizing the operation and releasing 150 suspects on March 8. The remaining 34 suspects were released without charge on March 9.


The police in Ashaiman interrogated the girlfriend of Imoro Sheriff to shed light on the circumstances surrounding his murder.


She was invited, questioned, and released on self-recognized bail. Imoro Sheriff was laid to rest on March 9 at the Military Cemetery, Burma Camp in Accra.


The murder of Imoro Sheriff, a 22-year-old trumpeter of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) band, was a shock to many, and the subsequent military swoop in Ashaiman led to widespread criticism of the excessive use of force by security forces.



The Ghana Armed Forces admitted that excesses may have occurred during the swoop but did not apologize or commit to investigating the matter further.


The interrogation of Imoro Sheriff’s girlfriend by the police suggests that the investigation into his murder is ongoing, and authorities are leaving no stone unturned in their quest for justice.


The release of the suspects without charge may also indicate that investigators are still gathering evidence to build a solid case against those responsible for the murder.

The use of excessive force by security forces during the swoop is a cause for concern, as it raises questions about the accountability and professionalism of those tasked with protecting citizens.


Such incidents also fuel mistrust between the public and security forces, which could ultimately undermine efforts to maintain law and order.


The swift action by the police and military to investigate and apprehend the suspects involved in Imoro Sheriff’s murder is commendable, and it is important that they continue to pursue justice while also respecting the rights of all involved.


The public also has a role to play in supporting the authorities in their efforts to maintain peace and security in the country.

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