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I Will Collapse The Whole NPP If You Dare Me – Ken Agyapong Threatens To Spill NPP Secrets

Presidential hopeful Kennedy Agyapong of the New Patriotic Party has threatened to reveal damaging information about the party that could lead to its downfall. Agyapong claimed that the government was plotting to destroy his companies and warned the NPP that if they do not withdraw their actions, he will take actions that will harm the party.



He stated that he has been charitable towards the NPP despite the mistreatment he has received, but he will not hesitate to use the information he has to ruin the party.


Agyapong is campaigning to lead the NPP in the 2024 election with a focus on fighting corruption and instilling discipline.



He acknowledged the NPP’s mistakes in managing COVID-19 funds but argued that the alternative, John Mahama, is not fit to lead Ghana.

When asked about corruption allegations, Agyapong responded that both NPP and NDC are corrupt, but he is a disciplined member of the NPP.

In addition to his warnings about the NPP, Kennedy Agyapong has been an outspoken figure in Ghanaian politics for many years. He is known for his controversial statements and actions, as well as his business interests in various sectors of the economy.



Mr. Agyapong has also been involved in a number of legal disputes, both as a plaintiff and a defendant. In 2018, he was sued by Anas Aremeyaw Anas, an investigative journalist, for defamation. Agyapong had accused Anas of being corrupt and called for him to be arrested. The case was eventually settled out of court.



Despite his controversial reputation, Agyapong has a strong following in Ghana and is seen as a populist figure who is unafraid to speak his mind.


He has also been a vocal critic of the Ghanaian media, accusing them of bias and dishonesty.


As the 2024 election approaches, it remains to be seen how Agyapong’s campaign will fare and what impact his statements and actions will have on the NPP and Ghanaian politics as a whole.

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