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Morocco Participates In Flintlock 2023

Morocco has participated in the Flintlock 2023 in Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana to reinforce security and strengthen counter-terrorism cooperation in Africa.

The training aims to strengthen border defence under counterterrorism framework and operations.

Morocco’s Royal Armed Forces (FAR) is taking part in the Flintlock 2023 military training in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire from March 1-15.

The training aims to strengthen border defence under counterterrorism framework and operations. In addition, Flintlock 2023 hopes to enhance cooperation between the participating countries to ensure the security and stability of the region.

Flintlock is the largest military training under the command of the United States for the African regions (AFRICOM), held annually since 2005, this year’s edition involves some 1,300 service members from 30 different countries.

Some of the participating African countries are Morocco, Burkina Faso, and Cabo Verde among 11 others. Other non-African countries attending include European nations, Brazil, and the US among others.

Deputy Commander of the US Special Operations Command in Africa, Robert Zyla stated at a January press conference: “Flintlock will allow all participating nations to demonstrate their talents in working collectively to solve security challenges that threaten the region”.

The US commander added at the Ghana-based conference that: “Violent extremism threatens not only the stability of Africa but also that of our partners around the world. A safer and more secure Africa will result in a more prosperous global society and security environment”.

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