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Terms And Conditions

This is an agreement between you and Campus Mall Services. Please read these Campus Mall Services Terms of Use, https://campusmallgh.com The Campus Mall Conditions of Use, and the other applicable rules, policies, and terms available at the https://campusmallgh.com website or on or through the Campus Mall Software (collectively, this “Agreement”) before using the Campus Mall Services on a Product. By using the Campus Mall , you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement on behalf of yourself and all members of your household and others who use Campus Mall Services under your account. If you do not accept the terms of this Agreement, then you may not use the Campus Mall Services and you may return your Product in accordance with any applicable return policy. Your use of any of the Campus Mall Services is subject to any additional rules, policies, and terms that apply to those Campus Mall  Services.

Using Campus Mall on a product is one of the first Campus Mall services.
You must have your own campusmallgh.com account, be logged in to your account on the Product, and have

A legitimate payment method connected to your account in order to access some Campus Services on a Product or as a Seller.

b. Use of Campus Mall, You may use the Campus Mall only on your Product or Seller Account subject to the restrictions in this section.

1. Accessibility and Connectivity

A. Internet Access
To enjoy some features, Campus Mall Services may need an Internet connection from a third-party source.

B. Accessibility.
Some Campus Mall Services might not be available, differ (based on the product or location, for example), be available for a brief period of time, or demand additional subscriptions.

3. General a. Received Information
We could receive details from The Campus Mall concerning using your product, utilizing it, utilizing digital content, and utilizing other content (such as search queries, installed applications, viewing and usage data, available memory, log files, network diagnostics and connectivity). Similar information may also be sent to us by the makers of your product. Your information may be stored on servers located outside of your country of residence and processed in the cloud by Campus Mall in order to enhance your experience and our services. Any information you provide to us will be handled in accordance with the Campus Mall Privacy Notice. If you’d rather not provide specific information, please go to your Product’s or Vendor Settings menu. Information Disclosed To Others,

b. You are accountable for any data you give out to third parties, such as Digital Content providers. Use Any privacy notices or other agreements that these third parties may provide to you will apply to the information that you give them.

c. Modifications to Campus Mall Services. We reserve the right to modify, terminate, or end the Campus Mall Services, in whole or in part, at any time and without prior warning. By publishing the updated terms on the Campus Mall website, we reserve the right to change any of this Agreement’s terms at our sole discretion. After the new Agreement goes into effect, if you use Campus Mall Services again, you are agreeing to its terms. Termination,

d. If you violate any of this Agreement’s conditions, your rights under it will automatically and without warning expire. Your access to the Campus Mall may be immediately terminated in the event of such termination by Campus Mall Admin. The failure of Campus Mall to insist upon or enforce strict compliance by you with this Agreement will not be construed as a waiver by Campus Mall of any of its rights.

e. Arguments. The dispute resolution, governing law, disclaimer of warranties, limitation of liability, and other conditions in the Campus Mall Conditions of Use shall apply to any dispute or claim arising out of or connected to this Agreement, a Product, the Campus Mall Software, or the Campus Mall Services.

f. Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer of Warranties. Other than the Amazon Services, other parties create and produce the products, and we are not responsible or liable for any aspect of the products. Unless prohibited by law, and without affecting the Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability provisions in the Campus Mall Conditions of Use,
Never will the total amount of our or our licensors’ liability for any claim resulting from or connected to this Agreement or your use of the Campus Mall Services.

g. Identifying Information. Please contact Customer Service at www.campusmallgh.com/contact-us to resolve any problems with the UgMall Services, Digital Content, or Campus Mall Software.
in no event will our or our licensors’ aggregate liability with respect to any claim arising from or related to this Agreement or your use of the Campus Mall Services 

Additional Terms for Sellers;

A seller should be around University of Ghana and it’s environs to ensure fast delivery.No refund for vendors with fake details.Products should be the same as your uploads and description.Products should be delivered to our delivery agents not customers.Those outside UG environs will bare the cost of transportation. UIG Environs includes Madina,North Legon,East Legon, Shiashie,Haasto And Oponkglo . Vendors at Accra City Campus and its environ will be consider. We Have Only Two Drop Stations.Main Campus And City Campus. 


 Contact Information. For help with the Campus Mall Services, Digital Content, Campus Mall Software or resolving other related issues, please contact Customer Service at contact@campusmallgh.com


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