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“Your Hatred Has Rendered You Not Being Fair And Decisive On Real Issues” – Mr. Quashie To Koku Anyidoho

Mr. Benjamin Kofi Quashie, South African NDC Council of Elders Chairman and the Group Chairman of Allied Consortiums, has categorically stated that, Mr. Koku Anyidoho has developed hatred for President John Mahama.

He describes Mr. Samuel Koku Sitsofe Anyidoho’s hatred towards former President Mahama as “nauseating and legendary”.

According to him, this has rendered him not being fair and decisive and also not being able to comment on real national issues.

Speaking on the ‘Pulse’ Show on Monday, 6th March, 2023 on Joy News and reacting to Anyidoho’s reactions to Mahama’s intention of scraping the Ex-gratia when he becomes president, Mr. Quashie averred that, “Mr. Anyidoho was a former government appointee and benefited from ex-gratia. Why is he not also returning his to the state as he wants others to believe about President Mahama”, he quizzed.

When he was asked to focus on the substance of the matter and leave Koku out, the SA Council Chair of the NDC reiterated the fact that, “I know he was the former Deputy General Secretary, but what hasn’t he said about former President Mahama? What didn’t he say about General Asiedu Nketia before he became National Chairman?”, he quizzed to support his view of Koku hating the NDC.

He further accused the former Head of Communications at the Presidency of neglecting to comment on bread and butter issues but rather being fixated on NDC issues. This smacks of someone doing “The job of his pay masters and we wouldn’t take him serious”, he alleged about Koku.

Again, when his attention was drawn to the fact that, the ex-gratia issue would dent President Mahama’s image in the campaign, Mr. Kofi Quashie answered in the negative, “Because the party is coming up with a brilliant manifesto that we’re all going to see when the NDC elects the flagbearer and from there the party would role out its programmes and policies for all to see”, he revealed.

In sum, SA NDC Council Chair contended that “I can assure you that President Mahama walks the talk and whatever he’s saying, he would definitely do. This is a cup in the feather of President Mahama”.

“It would never be a dent on President Mahama’s campaign. President Mahama is the only rescuer of our country from the economic doldrums we find ourselves in”, he ended.

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